moonboy walk cycle

why do i decide to do everything at midnight idk, heres another rough sequence i did , probly has a ton of mistakes in it but atleast im keeping the blog updated ;)


Motivation got!

Idk it hit me after doing some doodles i started on working on a scene for Sue, Still just keys and it was so much fun to do! :)


new stuffs

still rigging up Shi, trying to make the perfect symbols to make it easier to animate, mean time here is a shape challenge i did where you had to contain the face within the given shape, along with some more moonboy sketches :)



Sorry for the lack of updates, way too tied after this week's clean up assesment and closing shift at the subway, but i did a quick sketch if that counts for something lol, i promise ill work on more scenes soon! Here's a quicksletch of Slug from one of my favourite bands, Atmosphere