experimenting with the backgrounds

trying to find an easier way to do the backgrounds, maybe do them in 3 and export 2d? idk



So heres more artz
A pony and a hobo

more to come~


sueshi new versions

these are the semi finals(though its shi and sue lol) gah so late , but these are done atleast
still waiting for the voice actress for sue to send the lines :U

and still dont have a tablet pen, a friend let me borrow his one for now


Kid playing with truck (keys)

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I still dont have my tablet
Lets see whats new
Well I won a Kickass DVD from an art competition(got the grand prize!) One of the top 3 was a teacher from Freelance .. which was quite ackward
also got the voice actors for Sueshi, along with my first pilot's script!
For the sake of posting something heres a sequence I tried working on but gave up on, its in keys now. I wanted to show that the kid was thinking.

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