2011 in a nutshell

Luis asked me yesterday if I can sum up 2011 in 1 word what would it be.
and in 4 words it's Risks that Pay Off
I dont usually like to go back on the past, but I feel I should mention what I've achieved this year at the very least for the purpose of keeping my sanity and my long term goals in check.

The Bad

Left School to try to create the indiegogo champain and send the popup card applications for a job in the industy (www.indiegogo.com/Popups-for-Toronto?a=11564&i=addr)

Lost a lot of friends because I couldn't face talking to my school friends about why I left and after I didn't get any work out of it I was too sad and bitter to talk to anyone for a while . And after leaving lost a ton of money in the first few weeks after leaving studylink, moving house, my comp dying again and parents were really pissed at me so we weren't in talking terms... as they should have been I'm sure! Those were really tough months. Looking back though.. if I could do it again... I still would have left school! Because - 
The Good
Taught my own life drawing class, fantasic experience!

I sent out 30 cards in April to 30 animation companies while I should be studying

Went to my first Art Expo as an exhibitor while I should be studying

Made my first comic book while I should be studying

Made a 3 minute cartoon in 2 weeks for my indiegogo champaign while I should be studying(LITERALLY! Snuck my laptop into the classroom!)

Sent out 10 Cards in September with the money from my indiegogo champaign along with a copy of my comic while I should be 

Worked for film for an indie film festival(21 day festival) in Philadelphia(from here)  while I should be studying

Got a signed letter of recomendation from recommendation from Stephen Silver, my favorite character designer of all time and a phone call from Bobby Chiu , world famous painter telling me to keep going after I told them about my champaign! Both while studying! In the course of a week! 

Met some of the most amazing artists online and have talked to and collaborated with some of the most tallented cartoonists I've ever met!

Started my own website advertising my popups and selling them as a way to get to my long term goal http://popupsfortoronto.com/

Made 24 Full Colored Single Page Strips in the course of 24 days and gave the source files free to download!

So I'm proud of this year, proud of everything I've done! On the surface it doesnt look like much, but I'm dead sure all of it will pay off very soon! Have a happy new years everyone!

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  1. See... Your year took a turn towards Awesome Town.
    Honestly. Keep at it. You have a dream, Follow it. You're making contact AND you're sticking to your guns.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2012.