jeremy and scene test 1

ok im officially renaming Jimmy to Jeremy as i messed up in the script and now ive got the audio with the board and theres no going back.(well there is im just too tired to do so!)

I was up till 4 in the morning breaking apart this thing into 87 shots to make it easier on myself... yeah... lol

heres my first test shot with the only character model i actually rigged up, took me 30 minutes but i wanted to show some animation on this blog finally! I dont know if anyone is even reading these posts but if you are thanks so much for taking an intrest in this! Expect more shots soon

Because I've got school tomorrow followed by work and insomnia's got me here's another turnaround i did just now, the dad will be there from the chest up so i thought i'd save some time by just designing the top half. SO THERE HAH. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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