looking for musician for cartoon

Oh man it's 2 am, after a full day shift making sandwiches i cant believe I've still got the energy for this... BUT ITS SO GONNA BE WORTH IT
Ok so here's the deal,
I"ve now got 99.9% of the lines(5 lines need to be redone and are being redone) Doing the storyboard now, ive started compiling the voices together to make the scenes
BUT I now forgot I need music too! If any musician is willing to spend a bit of time to do some music for an indie cartoon i'm trying to pitch that would be awesome!!!
I'm looking for 2-3 tracks i can loop with a unique feel about them Ill explain to the person that's interested.
They will be background music to the dialogue(apart from a short intro-credit track)
but its just as important as every other part of this cartoon! So if you'd like to help out to do 1-2 little ambient (and unique) and 1 AWESOME short intro track for SueShi, the thing I've been working on for the last.....long... holyshitlong... while! Then please email me at designwaffle@gmail.com with just a couple of examples of stuff you've done and I'll tell ya exactly what I'm looking for. 
Thanks so much!

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